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Sharanappagouda Rayanaoudra.jpg

teacher inspires me by his /her knowledge in the subject

Sangamesh Badiger.jpg

Mr. Mounesh B

teacher pays attention to academically weaker students as well

Naresh Koripalli.jpg

Mr. Naresh K

All Faculty member discuss topics in detail

Chetan Yalaburgimath.jpg

Mr. Chetan

Finding the right path to success at the right time is really very important and for that way I had selected TCE

Sunil Bergi.jpg

Mr. Sunil Bergi

Guidance & counseling by the teachers in academic and non-academic matters in/outside the class fairly

Mr. Sharanappagouda R


I would like heartily thank all the teachers and staffs in our institute who are still there and who were formerly working as well

Apeksha Hebasur.jpg

Ms. Apeksha H

Coming to TCE, I consider it as a temple and the teachers over here as my god . Each of the Faculty members helped me with my ups and downs and shaped me into a better, responsible and successful person

Rachana S Hiremath.jpg

When My college had provided a basic foundation so that I could create my career the way I would want to and the credit shall go to my college TCE

Smita Y Hosamani.jpg

Concord had and still does have a fantastic reputation for its academics. Alongside the incredible cultural variety, I believed it was the best place for me to develop academically and as a young adult

Gadigemma Tondur.jpg

TCE is the best place where one can grow and develop the Professional skills

Ms. Shruti

Ms. Rachana H

Ms. Smitha H

Ms. Gadigemma T

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